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Nutrition, Wellness & Fitness coaching

simplify the path to sustainable success

Eat with Erin will help you learn how to...

  • Take ownership over your health

  • Make gradual changes in your nutrition & fitness

  • Reach your goals without cutting out favorite foods or doing endless cardio

  • Listen to your body as you eat and exercise smarter

  • Heal your gut & get symptom relief 

  • Increase your energy and vitality for life

  • Live your life as the best version of you!

It's not about the weight you lose, but the life you gain when committing to realistic lifestyle improvements!


Make eating easy with Eat with Erin. No more quick fixes, strict diets, or unrealistic plans that don't last... Erin will provide the tools, help guide you, and empower you to sustain the success you achieve for the rest of your life!

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Are you ready to get results and trust Erin's process for

long-term success?


I have energy and strength to do activities, hobbies, and chores. I also feel more confident in my body!

After starting this journey, things improved quicker than anticipated. I'm able to eat more food without any symptoms of IBS.

I felt confident wearing shorts out with friends and I haven’t done that in years, so I was really excited about that.


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