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Master your Mindset

-Recognizing your Beliefs, Vision & Purpose or "Why" (Activity x2)

-Why Nothing has Worked in the Past (Activity)

-Relationship with Food/Body (Activity)

-Enjoy your Favorite Foods Without Guilt

-Mindful Eating (Activity); Listening to your Hunger/Fullness Levels

-Organization/Lifestyle, Ongoing Wellness Topics

-Overview of Big Picture, Realistic Short-term and Long-term Goal Setting

Create Awareness and Accountability 

-Food Journal (MyFitnessPal, Practice Better, Google Sheets)

-Tracking Exercise & Wellness Goals (Google Sheet)

-Weekly Pre-Meeting Check-in Form

-90-Day Reassessment Form(s)

Basic Nutrition & Weight Management

-How to Read Food Labels

-Food Groups / Athletes Plate (Handout)

-Quantity (Calories) & Quality (Nutrients; Macro, Micro)



-Scale, Photos, Measurements, Body Composition, etc.

Exercise Regimen

-NEAT, Organized Exercise, Fitness Goal Setting

-Fitness Implementation (Activities, Gym, Trainer, Programming)

-Pre- & Post-Exercise Nutrition

Schedule & Routine

-Scheduling in Exercise and Routine

-Meal & Snack Timing

-Grocery Shopping, Meal Planning, Realistic Meal Prepping, etc.

Build Confidence with Nutrition & Exercise for Life

-Dining Out Strategies (Handout)

-Life Obstacles


-Holidays (Handout)

Measure Success Beyond the Scale

-Biomarkers (Energy, Mood, Digestion, Hunger, etc.)

-How to Break the Plateau, Our Bodies in a Deficit Education (Activity)

-Reverse Dieting (if needed), Long-term Success Planning

-Stress & Hormone Management (Activity)

-Optional Lab Testing - Micronutrient, Gut, Hormone, Food Sensitivity, etc.

Sustainable Success

-How to Wean off Tracking While Maintaining Results

-Reduce Nutrition Meetings for Self-Accountability

-Review of the Program & Wellness Topics for Sustainable Success!

Gym Equipments
Studying at Home

What you will accomplish in 6-12 months As You progress through Eat with Erin 

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