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Client Testimonials

"Working with Erin was wonderful! She helped me stay organized following the low FODMAP diet and helped me to recognize patterns I couldn't see myself. She was so encouraging and always helped me think differently about my frustrations with my health. I love how organized, professional, and kind she is! 10/10 recommend!"-Hayley

"You simply cannot be in better hands in this journey than with Erin. She is kind, smart, persistent, thinks out of the box, and deeply cares about you and your health. The World is simply better with health care providers like Erin. I cannot recommend Erin enough for someone who is thinking of starting this journey. Her authenticity and positive support is invaluable!"
-Kurt M. Wilson

"Erin was incredibly helpful throughout my journey of learning more about how to eat with mindfulness and to achieve my health goals. One of the things I was really looking for was to truly learn about how to nourish my body, and Erin did just that! She really provides the tools to make decisions about eating in a way that feels nonjudgemental, realistic, and maintainable. I loved my weekly meetings with Erin as she was motivational, provided insightful and practical suggestions, and was an overall pleasure to speak with. I cannot recommend Erin enough!"

"Never too old to age 71, I was referred to Erin by my trainer and I soon found the benefits of knowing what I didn't know I didn't know. She opened my eyes to the value of tracking and of protein, carbs and fats, especially in starting my day. I found I was satisfied and my cravings were minimized when I had sufficient proteins and other macros to start the day! I originally lost 12 pounds and although now at a plateau, I feel strong and have weaned from sugar dependence and I am eating nutritionally healthy. Erin's individualized attention, non-judgmental attitude, offering information in making best choices while considering my likes, and advising me re the things I didn't know I didn't know were very important parts of her nutrition coaching program. I believe Erin provides the best possible coaching program. Respect, sincerity, the knowledge of the nutrition field, she gave me summaries of our sessions each visit which also included resources, nutritious recipes, as well as responded to my questions. I am thankful for all the 40 sessions I consulted with Erin and I use her valuable coaching daily in living life. I have more energy and strength to do activities, hobbies, chores. I consider it a gift to myself to have learned from her."

"After years of dealing with debilitating bloating and gas issues - I finally said enough and decided to work with a registered dietitian. My situation was unique as I already had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease 17 years ago. I wasn't sure what the process would be to isolate my issues but Erin made this easy. Once we developed a plan - we met weekly to discuss my progress and next steps. Erin made this experience an easy one to follow and her encouragement throughout was a big help. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, don’t wait like I did - make that appointment and get on the path to feeling better and Erin is the dietitian that can help you get there. I highly recommend."

"Being active and exercising was never a problem for me but I had never made a real commitment to eating correctly and, as I was now in my 40’s, it was really starting to show. I was not eating the right amounts or quality of food to sustain my active lifestyle. I was putting on weight and constantly was dealing with injuries. I noticed that throughout the week I would continue going into a calorie deficient and by Friday I was extremely tired and found it harder to get through the work day let alone get in a workout. I decided that changes in my nutrition were needed and by luck I found Erin. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and responsive. I learned right away the importance of tracking and found a way to do it that worked for me. The accountability of working with a coach was something that I found incredibly valuable. In the beginning it was difficult changing my eating habits but as I continued to lose weight gradually and in a sustainable way I also lost many of the cravings that would really set me back. I feel much healthier and in a better place after working with Erin and I would highly recommend working with her for anyone looking to improve their eating habits or overall lifestyle in general!"

"After not eating meat for 8 years and then getting pregnant I figured I should talk with a professional to make sure I was getting the right protein and nutrients during my pregnancy.  I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never visited with a nutritionist before.  Also I thought that I was going to be told to "not eat this and stop eating that" kind of thing.  Erin did none of this and in fact gave me many ways to add in other foods per day or just switch to different brands to provide more nutrients and less fat, etc.  It was a lot easier than I thought and I now read labels and make smarter decisions daily just after 3 sessions with Erin. I feel a lot more empowered about what to put into my body daily and know how to plan fast and healthier easy-to-make meals."


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"Erin was immediately a big help getting me back on track to a healthy lifestyle.  She introduced me to creative foods/recipes that simulated less healthy foods while maintaining flavor (who knew quinoa pasta was good?  Not me).  Just as importantly, she has been a motivator in getting me to start working out again, including providing challenging but engaging workout suggestions.  Getting back on track is something one can only do themselves, but having Erin along to coach me up has been huge."


​​"Ms. Lopynski is a thorough and diligent professional. I’ve been very impressed by her expertise and her willingness to listen. It’s notable that she has consistently mentioned what is possible and has completely refrained from making lists of forbidden foods or behaviors as I had feared. I don’t have to worry about catching everything during our meetings as she is sure to send complete notes with concrete recommendations after every meeting. As someone who had been skeptical of consulting with a nutritionist to begin with, I can say with confidence that she has provided the tools I need to make meaningful and sustainable adjustments to improve my health and quality of life."



"Erin provided me with the tools and coaching that I needed to make lasting changes to my nutrition and health. Erin’s wellness approach ensured that I was making changes that would improve my whole self. She understands human behavior and knows how to build habits. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from Erin!"


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