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about erin


Erin is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and NASM certified personal trainer. Her specialty is guiding people to feel confident in their eating & exercise habits to regain overall health & wellness. Erin specifically helps those with weight and fitness goals, as well as cardiac and digestive concerns. Erin is certified in weight management, food sensitivity management and has several years of experience in disease prevention and management

at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Erin was inspired to start Eat with Erin after working with patients in clinical settings who frequently sought out partnership with a reliable, experienced dietitian outside of the hospital. Erin's mission is to help individuals live their healthiest, most confident lives. Erin provides virtual, 1:1 individual nutrition, fitness and wellness coaching.

What can you expect with Erin?


Discover a health plan that is individualized & realistic for you, even with a busy schedule. Erin will review your labs & medical history, and will work with you to choose foods & exercises that you enjoy, but that also align with your goals. Erin will be your teammate, as you create and maintain a balanced lifestyle

you can feel proud of!

Make eating easy... Eat with Erin!

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